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High Tech Mathematics


Teaching mathematics in the 21st century is made easier with the extensive use of technology to illustrate concepts in mathematics. While pen and paper computations still have their place in the Mathematics classroom, computers have allowed us to quickly manipulate figures for geometry, plot and transform graphs of functions, and even just to showcase the applications of mathematics to other fields such as Biology, Physics, and even the Arts. For the past school year the PSHS-MC Math unit made do with projectors that are full of dead pixels, whose black dots steadily filled the projected screen until only around 60% of the content can be seen. Through your efforts in enabling donors help us through funding our project, we now have two new projectors that we use in our classes. With these projectors the math teachers have been able to construct lessons like the following:

  • Graphical representations of how the sine and cosine functions derive from the unit circle.
  • Transformation of the trigonometric functions through translations, dilations, and reflections.
  • Problems on related rates enhanced with videos.
  • Displaying exercises onscreen to provide accurate diagrams and to save time writing the exercises on the board.
  • Reporting exercises for the students
  • And other lessons involving visualizing concepts in mathematics.

Thank you once again to you and to all the donors for your generosity and support in enhancing the Mathematics education of our PSHS scholars.

Leo Andrei Crisologo
Mathematics Unit Head - SY 2013-2014
November 18, 2013


Read the original project HERE

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