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The challenges of being a biology teacher include bringing the outdoors into the classroom, magnifying the miniscule, and concretizing the intangible. Our visual students clamor for high-definition photographs, videos, and interactive animations in their classroom experiences. When both of our projectors gave out last school year, our students had to put up with fuzzy visual aids with numerous dead pixels, diagrams from their heavy textbooks, and our drawings on the chalkboard. Thanks to your boundless generosity, we are again able to heighten interest in the science of life as we deliver authentic experiences compatible with the cognitive styles of our 21st-century learners. Thank you again for investing in our future ecologists, research doctors, and cell and molecular biologists as they discover the wonders of life.






Dawn Crisologo - Biology Department Head SY 2012-2013

July 6, 2013, PSHS Main Campus

Read the original project proposal HERE.

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