Giving back to Pisay

About Us – named after the site of the first Philippine Science High School (PSHS) campus - is a program of the Philippine Science High School Foundation that was established in partnership with the Philippine Science High School Batch of 1988 in September of 2012 as part of their jubilee year gift to the school.


The Philippine Science High School System

The PSHS System is a service institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) whose mandate is to offer free secondary education with an emphasis in the Sciences, preparing students for Science careers. Republic Act 3661 established the first PSHS campus in 1964 in Quezon City. There are now 12 campuses throughout the country with a total of around 2600 students and growing. The goal is to have a PSHS in each of the 16 regions to develop more future scientists and leaders.

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The Philippine Science High School Foundation, Inc.


The PSHSFI was established in 1978 to bridge the gap between government resources and the actual funds needed to maintain the school’s educational excellence.


The Foundation was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission on May 22, 1978. Donations are tax-exempt by the NSDB (DOST), first certified on December 28, 1978 and renewed every five years, and by the Bureau of Internal Revenue certified on February 21, 2011.


Over the decades, PSHSFI has faced the challenge of engaging donors and sponsors to augment the school’s resources. We build upon the participation of all members of the PSHS community in all our programs and projects to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment for our scholars

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PSHS Batch of 1988


Much like other schools, there is a tradition among PSHS alumni to give their school a gift on their 25th jubilee year. The Class of 1988 decided to give something that can provide a sustained impact on the quality of education in the PSHS System. Inspired by the recent success of education-focused crowd funding sites, such as, our class conceptualized a donation portal where teachers can propose projects that would enhance learning. Interested donors can then contribute any amount they wish to collectively work towards getting a project fully funded. We partnered with the PSHS Foundation, Inc. and Unionbank and thus, was born.